Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose began her coaching practise in 2011, when a pivotal incident led her to seek out a mentor. Though she didn’t know it at the time, this crucial decision would turn into a full-life transformation.

Thrilled with the changes in her own life, Michelle completed a coaching apprenticeship in London before moving back home to Sydney, Australia in 2012 to continue her studies in the personal development field. 

After gaining further certifications in coaching and healing modalities and becoming a yoga teacher, Michelle was ready for love but was fearful that her route to finding it would be an impossible and unpredictable maze, and she’d never achieve the deep soulful connection with the equal her heart craved.

But Michelle’s no quitter, so she dove headfirst into the study of how to systematise love, so her next man would be The One.

After figuring out he would only appear when she rose to the frequency of love inside of herself, Michelle removed the barriers she’d built to keep love out. And when her life partner did show up, he surpassed even her wildest dreams.

Attracting love for life became such a key attraction in her coaching practise, that Michelle wrote a book to help people globally, entitled, In Love: Become Love, and Love Comes.

Michelle is now an international love and relationships coach who receives great satisfaction from helping others become love, so love comes to them. She works personally with her clients to get them to a place where they’re completely free of their own barriers. Once they’ve gone through her process, their results are immediate, life changing and nothing short of a miracle.

Michelle is available for speaking events and offers numerous coaching packages. You can contact her below, or at: Michelle@inlovewithmichellerose.com


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