Mandy Francisty

Mandy Francisty

Consciousness Coach Mandy Francisty is a qualified NLP Therapist, Yoga, Breath-work and Meditation Teacher, and has a Bachelor in Human Movement as well as Personal Training. 

Mandy originates from Australia but recently followed her soul calling and made the move to beautiful Christchurch in hopes of working with the amazing people living here to facilitate them to come back to their true self, connect to self-love and find the confidence and courage to shine their light and lead the life they deserve. 

Mandy has been on a HUGE personal and spiritual awakening herself. Coming from a place of self-loathing, not feeling good enough, having body dysmorphia, and addiction to exercise, obsession over controlling her food and weight, lacking self love and belief and ultimately feeling totally disconnected from self, to now connecting back to her true self, self-love as well as confidently and courageously finding and shining her light so she can guide others to do the same!

Living and experiencing the positive life changing affects of yoga, NLP therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and mindset coaching herself inspired her to become qualified in these areas so that she can positively have an impact on the rest of the world! 

She combines spirit and science to facilitate your growth and transformation and will guide you "home" back to your true self and guide you to find your light.

Mandy guides you through this process in her yoga classes (here in Christchurch), retreats, workshops, online and in person courses and in her personalised Consciousness Coaching. 


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