Keely Merrett

Keely Merrett

Keely is a Mindset and Empowerment coach, writer and speaker. She works with women who want to find their truth, own their stories and live life feeling free to be their true selves. She helps women take aligned action, make self loving choices and reconnect with who they really are to create a life they truly love.

She has an obsession with personal development and that coupled with a background in psychology, social work and life coaching, means she can support you to free yourself from living the ‘way you should be’ and live as the self empowered goddess that you already are inside. 

Keely has been on a huge journey of personal development and spiritual awakening herself and understands first hand how hard and lonely walking this path can feel. She has experienced panic attacks, anxiety, grief, an emotionally abusive relationship as well as endometriosis. Keely has dived deep into the healing work from these events in her life to build a loving, thriving relationship with herself at a soul level. 

She has experienced the life changing affects of mindset coaching and guides her clients on a safe journey and path to self actualisation and feeling free to be who they truly feel they are at a soul level. 


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