Emilia Francesca

Emilia Francesca

Emilia is an Internationally Certified Life & Wellness Coach who works with modern women to help them navigate the crazy world we know as ‘adulting’, reignite their souls and become their healthiest, happiest selves. She is driven to help women create their own rules in life and live in a way that truly lights them up.

She spends her days working with 1-2-1 coaching clients, producing content for magazines and and corporate companies and running wellness events. Emilia believes we all have the answers within us, but often in day to day life and modern society we step away from our intuition and gut instincts. She helps her clients peel back the layers, uncover limiting beliefs and create their most fulfilling life.

As a qualified nutrition consultant, Emilia also works with women looking to find freedom and peace with their bodies and food by encouraging a holistic approach to well being, with a strong focus on caring for mind, body and soul.


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