Courtenay McCulloch


Courtenay McCulloch is a Holistic Life and Happiness Coach, Writer, Speaker and Founder of Thrive Collective.

Her dream is to help at least one woman, every single day, to bring happiness into their lives. Through Thrive Collective and her personal coaching, Court empowers women with the information, tools, tips and support they need to thrive in every moment of their lives.

Her training in Personal Training, Life Coaching, Health Science and Commerce, her continued research in the field of happiness and wellbeing, and through the many life experiences in her own 26 years, she has realised that so many women dream of happiness, but instead experience self-doubt, self-judgement, social pressures, anxiety, body image issues as well as a myriad of other health and mindset battles.

Every single day, she consciously creates a life filled with happiness, and supports other women to do the same.

Her passion is helping women to understand the relationship between the body and the mind, and how living a life filled with happiness is about doing the things that make us, our bodies and our minds feel totally glowing from the inside out.

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ASking for help... when you don't know how

I lay on the bed, my face tear-stained, feeling like I’d never be me again. I felt alone, unworthy, unattractive and more than anything… lost. Every day, I would wake up, wondering how to make it through the day.

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what your personal trainer wishes you knew (1)

I get it. The gym can be a daunting place. If you’ve never been in before, you’re mind is going crazy…

‘Where do I put my bag? Where do I go first? What the heck is this machine…? Is he looking at me…?

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Let me ask you something… How many days ago did you last get active?

Whenever it was… IT’S OKAY. IT HAPPENS. And please… do not judge yourself for this...