The Self-Care Inspiration Guide

You know the women who make you think:

“How do they have it together ALL OF THE TIME?!”

I want to let you in on a secret… well, two actually…

  1. Those women still have moments where they feel like their lives aren’t together


  2. I can guarantee that over time, they’ve developed their own self-care practices that help them to feel and be at their best


We are all so different.

Especially when it comes to what self-care practices make us feel the most incredible versions of us.

For some of us, it’s moving our bodies at an intense circuit class. For some of us, it’s having a good stretch out at yoga.

For some of us, it’s going for a walk to clear our heads. For some of us, it’s journaling our way through how we’re feeling.

For some of us, it’s listening to a podcast for inspiration. For some of us, it’s meditating.

There is no right or wrong answer… it’s just what works for you.


But why should you prioritise self-care?

You are a busy woman after all!

Committing to time where we consciously rest and unwind activates the part of our Autonomic Nervous System responsible for the restoration and relaxation of our bodies - the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).

By activating the PNS, we allow our bodies to:
+ Boost our immune system
+ Digest thoroughly and properly
+ Reduce stress and anxiety
+ Increase energy levels
+ Promote focus and productivity beyond self-care
+ Aid overall health and wellbeing

When we don’t take time to practice self-care and consciously relax? We put ourselves at risk of weight gain, mental health problems, digestive issues, immune system problems, sleep problems and more.



to help inspire you to a self-care practice you loved, i turned to 21 incredible women

From professional sportswomen to life coaches

From nutritionists to models

from radio djs to youtubers

And everything in between...

And I asked each one three questions:

What is the number one thing that lights you up?

What is the number one self-care practice you swear by?

What is your go-to to turn a bad day into a good one?



and each one had a completely different answer…

Because every single one of us is different… so why should our self-care practices be the same?

The only way you’ll commit to self-care practices that you love to do… is if you love to do them!

If you are meditating/journaling/insert other self-care practice here because it works for your sister/best friend/that celebrity on Instagram/insert other person here… you’re never going to feel truly relaxed, restored and fulfilled.


So, Thrive Collective presents

The self-care inspiration guide…

made just For you.