Where Do I Even Start...?!

Change Your Life

“Where do I even start”?

This is a question a lot of women ask themselves.

Our self development, mindset and wellness journey begins when we allow it the time and space to do so.

Often a significant event in our life (sometimes not the most pleasant) occurs to us to give us a “wake up call”, to get our attention to acknowledge that something inside us has to shift, that something has to change.

This is often the time that “wakes us up” out of our slumber, awakens us and allows us to become curious and aware of ourselves and lives. We become aware of our thoughts, actions and emotions and start to question these, we question ourselves and we just “know” deep down that our lives can be different and that we were put on this earth for more.

When we start to hear this “whisper” telling us that there is something to explore within us, telling us to grow, learn and expand it is soooooo important to LISTEN.

It is important to listen to the stirrings of the soul and to acknowledge that you hear it, by allowing yourself time, space, stillness and silence to turn inwards and to focus on your life and yourself. Many people can ignore and avoid the “whisper” due to the fear of the unknown, fear of facing their inner shadow and fear of dealing with emotions and feelings that they have been pushing away for years. But these people, they do not grow, they stay stuck in their “victim” mode and sadly stay in the current circumstances of life even if it does not serve their highest good. That is their decision and journey this lifetime.

But you will not ignore the whisper, no not you, you will be courageous. You will listen to the callings of your soul and courageously step into the unknown, knowing that by doing so you will allow yourself to grow, learn and flourish in life. You will allow yourself the space, time and stillness to start connecting to yourself and therefore start your beautiful and never ending journey of self development, spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing.

You will take the time to delve into your “shadows” and transform them to light! This is a sometimes challenging but beautiful, life changing experience.

Investing time in yourself is essential to starting your journey.

If you find yourself always being “too busy”, maybe ask yourself why you are too busy? What are you avoiding? What are you blocking out? What are you scared to face?

Stop being too busy and running away from your true thoughts. Yes it can be confronting to face your deepest thoughts and feelings head on, but having AWARENESS of your thoughts and feelings and allowing yourself to FEEL is the first step to change.

In order to take charge of that power within you that can create your own reality you need to allow yourself to first invest time into yourself. You need to allow yourself time and space to connect to you.

Questioning and spending time to reflect on yourself and your life is essential for personal growth. If you do not take the time to assess where you are, who you are, what you want etc., then how can you move forward and change what isn’t working? How can you create your own reality?

By changing your thought patterns, you change how you see yourself, how you see the world and how you see your self in the world. Ultimately changing your reality.

Below I have included some helpful questioning that I use for myself personally and that I give to my clients to start to focus on themselves.

If you are wondering where to start on your journey, I suggest that you take at least an hour out of your week just for you and start by answering some of these questions.

(I also suggest that you take at least 5 minutes a day to connect to yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. This can be done in the form of journaling, being in nature, sitting in stillness and silence, doing yoga, painting... it is totally personal and only you know what works best for you. This connection to yourself daily, I promise will change your life!)

1. Draw up a life wheel. Include personal, social, relationships, health and wellbeing, career, financial and spiritual elements in the life wheel. For each area of you life wheel assess where you are now out of 10 (10 being amazing), then assess where you would like to be in 6 months time.

2. What thoughts, feelings, beliefs or habits do you have that are not serving you any purpose any more or that are holding you back in these areas of your life?

3. If you could remove any social conditioning, any pressure form society, any limiting beliefs that you have, what is your deepest desire in life?

4. Now “call your own bullshit”. Honestly ask yourself are you on track to achieving this or is there stuff that needs to shift? If there is what do you need to do to make a positive change? What can you do right now?

“Allow yourself some stillness. It is in stillness that you can transform darkness to light.” Enjoy your journey... the best place to start is simply to begin.

With love and light,

Mandy xxx

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Mandy Francisty combines spirit and science to facilitate your growth and transformation. She will guide you "home" back to your true self and guide you to find your light. 

Living and experiencing the positive life changing effects of yoga, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and mindset coaching herself inspired her to become qualified in these areas so that she can positively have an impact on the rest of the world!