The Powerful Mind


By Awhina Matthews-Egnot

Change Your Mindset

The powerful mind. My first experience. 

I thought I would start at the beginning, my first time experiencing how powerful the mind is, but also how you can change it - and your life - in an instant. 

For as long as I can remember, I had suffered from binge eating. In my early 20's it had gotten so bad to the point that I couldn’t go to work. 

I would cancel my clients feeling so guilty for my binging. There was no way I could face the world. I would then stay at home and binge because I felt so ashamed. 

I was working full time as a Personal Trainer and I felt like I was living a lie. 

Binge eating every day but posting all of my healthy meals on Instagram and teaching others to be healthy... How could I do that as a job when I couldn’t even put down the block of chocolate myself? 

I was trapped in a world of self hate and destruction of myself, searching for acceptance and love. I believed that if I was lean, I would finally be happy on the inside, I would feel loved and I would fit in with the people around me.

But my mind was working against me, feeding me with more and more food.

Food controlled me. I wrote a blog a few years ago referring to it as the “possessed monster” because thats exactly how I felt - possessed!

Every single night after dinner, I would eat 2-3 BIG bowls of oats, protein balls, cottage cheese on rice cakes... and anything else left in the house. After that, I would drive to the shops and eat 2 family blocks of chocolate, a family bag of corn chips, cake and ice cream! All to myself, without feeling full! 

I was so empty on the inside trying to fill the emptiness with food and so lean no one would have known.

One day, my housemate who had been watching my behaviour said to me that what I was doing wasn’t normal and that I have an eating disorder. That was the moment that changed my life. I realised I had a problem and couldn’t live like that any more. 

I did some research and came across NLP Therapy (Neurolinguistic Programming) which works with the unconscious mind. I booked myself in straight away. 

With only one session digging into my unconscious mind, I was able to let go of feelings I didn’t realise I even had. Two hours and a lot of tears later and I was finally free of this binge eating that had been controlling me for most of my life. 

What I want you to get out of my story is that whatever your situation or problem, you can change and let it go. 

You do not have to live in your current struggle and pain. 

Money, relationships, lifestyle, work, family, health... whatever you don’t like about your current situation or habits in life, you can change it! 

Think about your life being a book.

You have the power to shut every chapter and start a new more enjoyable one. 

You are in control of writing your own story of your own life. 

But the chapters will stay the same until you face the very thing that has gotten you into the situation/problem that you are in. 

“We repeat what we don't repair”. 

Facing the truth, this can be pretty scary. At my NLP training course we referred to it as “going into the dark cave and slaying the dragon to get to the gems on the other side”. 

But I promise you, life on the other side is so beautiful - and definitely worth getting past that dragon for. 

Step out of your comfort zone and your safe familiar way of living and step into the positive, life-loving person that you were put on this earth to be. 


If someone else has done it, so can you!

Awhina xx 

Awhina Matthews-Egnot


Awhina is a Personal Trainer and NLP Practitioner with a holistic approach to training, mindset and nutrition. 

After ditching her own limiting beliefs through NLP Therapy, she opened her own training facility, The Body Consultants, where she teaches people how to create a positive, maintainable, healthy lifestyle where their Body and Mind reflects their habits.