Struggling To Make Exercise a Priority?

Wellness and Exercise

Let me ask you something… How many days ago did you last get active?

Whenever it was… IT’S OKAY. IT HAPPENS. And please… do not judge yourself for this.

I’m guessing at some point over that time you thought ‘I should probably exercise…’ but it just never happened. The thing is, we know how good exercise is for us. But there’s a gap between what we know… and what we do.

So then we end up in a circle. ‘I know I should go and exercise… but I don’t really want to/I don’t have time/I can’t be bothered. Ugh you’re so lazy and overweight! You are never going to be attractive and you’re never going to be worthy of self-love.’

…Sound familiar? I know I’m guilty…

I’ve been there. Even as a personal trainer. I know all the benefits, all the reasons why we should exercise – heck I even love being active! – but I still struggle with it.

But honey, now is when this changes. Now is when we both choose to prioritise our health, our mindset and our love for ourselves.

And here’s a few reasons why:

Exercise is the number one mood booster in the world. As soon as you start moving that gorgeous body of yours, your brain starts releasing chemicals that help you to feel happier, and more relaxed.

By getting out and about during the day, we’re helping ourselves at night. Exercising can not only help you fall asleep faster, but help you really have a deep sleep – it needs the rest and relaxation after all!

Being active keeps us healthy. It is best preventative you can have for diseases both now and down the track… You might think ‘It’ll never happen to me…’ but trust me, help yourself now.

Exercise helps our sex drive. How? When we exercise we not only increase our energy levels, but also our confidence in ourselves. Research has proven the effect of exercise on the sex drive of women (and men!).

That is the plain truth. No bull, just research and results. So why – why! – do we find it so hard to commit to?! Most of the time it’s what we make up in our heads… I’m too tired, I don’t have time, I don’t enjoy it…


So how do we get past this…?

If you’re tired, look at why. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating nourishing foods and hydrating yourself enough? Look honestly at your life and why you are tired. If it’s an ongoing issue, talk to a doctor or a naturopath about options.

Fit the exercise into your life. If you hate high intensity and are exhausted all the time… why go and do a high intensity class? Look at something slower… yoga, tai chi, walking. If you’re full of energy and love getting your heart racing… go to a high intensity class, head for a run,

Be organised. Physically schedule exercise into your day.

Prepare yourself. Lay your clothes out the night before, pack your gym back ready to go… make sure when you’ve scheduled it you’re good to go without thinking.

Stay accountable. Ask a friend to come to a class or to go for a walk… you’re much more likely to go if you’re accountable to someone else.

I know… it sounds too simple. But at the end of the day – it is. YOU JUST HAVE TO DO THE DAMN THING.

You’ve got this honey, let’s schedule, let’s get our active wear out, and let’s get out there!


BY Courtenay mcculloch

Founder of Thrive Collective, activewear-wearing, brunch-loving, dog-obsessed girl on a mission to help all women realise their real potential and start living a life where they thrive in every moment.

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