Love is not just for the Lucky People


By Michelle Rose

Love is not just for the Lucky People

Have you ever feared you may miss out on the love your heart truly desires? 

Have you ever noticed painful dating patterns keep returning over and over again? 

Have you ever questioned if love was simply a numbers game, and eventually you’ll meet the right person Or perhaps something is causing you to attract ‘the wrong person’, and maybe, through sheer force of will, you’ll be able to change it?

I’ve been there, and I feel you. 

Clarity has always been important to me, and the love game seemed so unclear and hugely disruptive to my life. After numerous failed attempts in love I was at a point where I vowed to give love one more try, and if it didn’t work out, I was done. Love just took far too much out of me. 

After ending a tumultuous relationship, I dedicated four years to researching how to systemise a pathway to love through working closely with coaches and mentors. This led to me becoming a certified coach myself, which all proved worth it when in 2014, the love of my life did show up. He’s more than I ever dreamed possible in a partner, and our relationship continues to deepen today. 

My personal breakthrough in love, and the clarity I gained around the topic, became a magnetic pull into my coaching practise for people seeking answers for themselves. The idea of having a system to love seemed to appeal to so many people, that I turned it into a book entitled, In Love: Become Love, and Love Comes.

In this article, I want to share with you the four keys to unlocking the door to manifesting the love of your life, for life. These are the essential steps I used to find the love of my life and now teach in my coaching practise to help people move from confused, heartbroken and lonely, to being in a deep, soulful and loving relationship.



Tune into your heart and ask yourself how you want to feel with your ultimate partner. The mistake women most often make is to bypass their heart completely and ask their mind who they think would be their perfect match. But this is often not at all what their heart desires, and therefore they wind up being unfulfilled in a relationship that doesn’t end well

So ask yourself:

  • Do I want to feel loved, supported and listened to? 

  • Do I want to be treated like a queen and know that no matter where my partner is and who they’re with, no other woman compares to me?

  • Do I want to feel safe physically and financially, knowing that my partner has my back through all of life’s challenges? 

  • Do I want to feel sexy around my partner and have a good laugh with them?

Before writing your list, make sure you close your eyes and ask your heart what it truly wants from a partner in love. Then visualise and feel the feelings of having your ideal man with you, and write it down.



To magnetise deep, soulful love into your life is to make sure you have a deep, soulful relationship with yourself first. 

Love is a heart-based energy, and your heart is the major yin organ in your body. It’s a feminine energy. Your brain, on the other hand, is your major yang organ, which is masculine. So masculine energy involves doing and expends energy, while feminine energy is about being and receiving it. This includes receiving love.

 Every person who’s come to me for help with love has very little connection to their heart energy, and this blocks them from receiving love.

So to help you get back into a good balance of receiving and doing, or yin and yang, make sure you’re getting a good measure of the following yin actions into your daily life:

1.    Getting good-quality sleep for roughly eight hours a night

2.    Drinking plenty of clean water, so you remain hydrated

3.    Connecting with your being through a form of fluid movement like dancing or yoga, as well as connecting with yourself through a form or meditation

4.    Getting the souls of your feet connected to the soul of Mama Earth, or at least making an effort to touch a tree or use indoor earthing products to soak up its yin energy

5.    Make sure play and fun are a part of your week. Childlike celebration is joyful, which connects you with your heart energy, softens you and brings you out of the seriousness of your mind



The third key that unlocks the door to attracting beautiful love in your life is to remove the barriers to love you’ve built up from your childhood. 

As children, we’re sponges and are programmed by who we’re surrounded by up to roughly age eight. Our hearts are so open and vulnerable to what we see, hear and experience at this early time, that we’re literally coded by our experiences, positive and negative. It determines who we attract and how we behave in love for the rest of our lives, unless we choose to do a deep emotional cleanse and dissolve the fears and beliefs that keep love out. It’s not that difficult to do with the right process in place. 



The fourth key to unlocking the door to manifesting the love of your life, for life, is a powerful tool I still use daily that I learned from my study of A Course in Miracles, which is reflective consciousness.

What this teaches you is that whatever patterns of behaviour that are showing up for you in love, are a mirror of what’s first happening inside of you.  I find this incredibly helpful in knowing what’s keeping love out for people, as it shows up time and again in their relationships. 

Following are some of the common complaints I hear:

  • My Partner is controlling 

Every time a client talks about how controlling their partner is, I later see the huge amount of control they exert. Excessive control is a masculine trait that shows up when you’re lacking in the feminine yinheart energy. The five yinactions are a useful to balance this.

  •   My partner isn’t available.

This is a clear signal that this person is unavailable to love within themselves and could do with a daily dose of deep soul connection to change how they’re  treated in love. Again, the five yinactions, especially plugging into to Self (source) through meditation, and loads of self-nurturing, can alleviate the problem.

  • He’s ghosting me.

If someone tells me a man runs from them without a word of warning, it could be a sign they’re needy or controlling, or they’re purposely seeking out emotionally unavailable men. What this means is that she’s running from and looking for validation outside of herself, or she needs to play the victim. 

Note that each behaviour requires the receiver to do a deep cleanse of their childhood coding first in order for the reflective work to be highly effective.

The solution here is to form a daily practise of plugging into source consciousness (Self) through meditation and self-nurturing, so you meet your own needs internally. Then when the right man comes along, he will be drawn to your beautiful feminine wholeness, rather than wanting to distance himself from a someone who’s depending on him to fulfil her emotional needs.

I hope these four keys to unlocking the door to manifesting the love of your life, for life, have been insightful and useful for you beautiful souls, and if you ever feel the need for further assistance, please send me an email at Michelle@inlovewithmichellerose.comor head over to my website to see what upcoming events and programs I have on offer.

And remember, love isn’t just for the lucky people, it’ always a matter of when you become love, love comes.


Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose


Michelle is an international love and relationships coach who receives great satisfaction from helping others become love, so love comes to them.

She works personally with her clients to get them to a place where they’re completely free of their own barriers. Once they’ve gone through her process, their results are immediate, life changing and nothing short of a miracle.