Live, Unapologetically.

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The moment the alarm beeps in the morning, your feet hit the ground. With barely a 'good morning' to your partner, you're on the go.

Lemon water, 5km walk, shower, breakfast. Quick check to see if the family are all ready, lunches are packed, and you are in the car on the way to work.

Traffic was a nightmare, and as you sit down to your desk at work with your coffee you take a quick glance at all the emails you have to get back to today... as the phone starts to ring.

Your work day has begun with a problem to fix. Like most days do.

Busy doesn’t even begin to explain your day.

By mid-morning you notice your still-full water bottle.

The day keeps going, and your pace doesn’t slow down.

Before you even notice, you are walking through the front doorway at home, feeling exhausted. And yet there are still twenty things to be done before you can even think about unwinding.

The load of washing goes on, dinner gets cooked and you ask your partner how their day was... but honestly, you can’t remember a single word they said because you are thinking of all the things you did wrong today, and stuff you didn’t do.

You tell yourself there is tomorrow as you pour the glass of wine and crash on the couch in front of the TV.

There is always tomorrow to call your friend you haven’t spoken to in months, to see if you can get through the day without some chocolate, and book in for that check-up at the doctors.

For now though, you are just wishing that you can get a good night’s sleep, and you try to relax and unwind as you mindlessly scroll through Facebook.

Finally your head hits the pillow, your eyes get heavy, you can feel yourself drift off, and just as you are about the hit the land of slumber you jolt yourself awake as you remember you didn’t hang out that load of washing. You jump up, hang it out and then head back to bed, with your eyes wide awake staring at the ceiling, whispering to yourself... JUST GO TO SLEEP!

You finally doze off... but before you know it the alarm goes off, and the new day has started.

Your life is busy and there is so much to cram in every day.   

It’s no wonder that feelings of being overwhelmed arise and you're missing out on the joy you crave! The more stressful your everyday is, the less chance there is for the real you to shine through. You are left feeling depleted and wondering who you even are anymore.

So... how do you begin to live unapologetically you?

Here are my top three tips:

1)  Self-Awareness

Being stressed, overwhelmed and busy seems to be the normal for our modern day society, however living constantly in this state has it detriments long term. There is a long list of negative side effects of stress on our bodies and mental health, and the change starts in asking yourself – “how does this make me feel?”

That conversation with your best friend, going to dinner with the in-laws, that hour long boot camp session, or that yoga class, or that stroll through the city? That extra cup of coffee you had today, or your lunch, or watching the children play in the park?

So much of what you do throughout the day, can really be on auto-pilot. The practice of asking yourself – “How does this make me feel?” encourages you to find those moments that bring joy into your day, and then build on it.  

2)  Time Out

When your life is a bustle, what happens is that you are low on your list of priorities. So much of your time and energy is spent caring about everyone else in your life, and you are left feeling empty.

At least once a day give yourself one to five minutes. This time is yours to ground into your body. It could be closing your eyes and being aware of your breath, or standing barefoot on the grass, looking at the clouds in the sky or dancing to your favourite song.

These few minutes every day allow you to begin connecting with your amazing body.

3)  Self-Care

So often when women talk about self-care, you look towards massages, facials and getting your nails done. These things are all amazing ways to look after you, however self-care includes good quality sleep, understanding your own energy, good quality friendships, having boundaries in your life and being aware of the way you talk to yourself. 

Self-care is a way to nurture you every single day! Some days it looks like saying no to someone,  sometimes it is booking in that doctors appointment and other days it’s reading a book.

Write your own self-care list, either on your computer or with pen and paper, jot down all the ways you like to care for yourself.

Living unapologetically starts with a loving and joyful relationship with yourself. In the comments below I would love to hear from you on which of these tips above resonate with you, and the action you are going to take moving forward.



Sabrina is a life coach and spiritual mentor who works with women to reclaim their power. Sabrina guides women to unlock a deep relationship with their self by exploring boundaries, self-care and spirituality. This allows women to create their own joy filled life and begin living unapologetically.

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