Get Yourself Out of that Funk!

Get Out of That Funk

Yesterday I found myself in a bit of a funk.

You know the one.

The kind where you feel a bit out of sorts, you’re struggling to get your work done or focus on the task at hand. You’re feeling a bit low or moody, your usual routines and practices have gone out the window and you’re questioning things in your life, and wondering why everything suddenly feels so hard.

The reality is, once upon a time I would have allowed myself to stay in this really not useful and entirely self inflicted mood for at least a few days, sometimes even weeks.

But nowadays, since working on my self development and completely overhauling my life to become a Life & Wellness Coach, I’m equipped with the tools and techniques to get me out of this headspace and back into a place of positivity, clarity and happiness.

And here I am to share it with you.

Below are the tools and techniques that I use and that truly work to get you out your funk and back to feeling like your best self.


Get clear on why you’re feeling like this

Just saying, ‘I’m not my usual self today’ isn’t enough. If you want to change something you first need to know what it is that needs changing. So let’s get clear here. Really sit with yourself and ask “Why am I feeling like this today?” and once you’re clear on the why you can create a solution by asking yourself “What can I do right now to best care for myself?”

If you’re feeling burnt out, do you need to rest? If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work can you delegate and look at only what is urgent for that day? If you’ve had an argument with your partner can you break it down and look at how to move forward? If you’re feeling uninspired can you look at why you’re feeling like this and what would motivate you?

Try This: Find a space to be by yourself for a few minutes without any distractions. Ask yourself “Why am I feeling like this today?” and allow yourself the emotional space and time to truly answer the question. Once you know why you are feeling out of balance ask yourself “What can I do right now to best care for myself?”

Do something just because it brings you joy

Isn’t it strange how when we are feeling a little low one of the first things we do is stop doing things?! We don’t feel ourselves so therefore we choose (often subconsciously) to stop doing the things that we most enjoy. But in order to get back to feeling like yourself, you need to do the things you usually do when you most feel like yourself.

Mine is exercise. When I feel great, I exercise. It’s also something I always talk about, something that is a huge part of my life. However when I don’t feel so great it is one of the first things to slide. I know immediately that I’m in a funk if I’m not inclined to exercise and what do I do? I get straight back out for a run or book into a spin class.

Try this: Think of 5 things you usually do just because they make you feel great - it could be cooking, running, writing, reading, being in nature, pampering yourself, seeing friends, dancing round your living room, getting creative - whatever they are find a way to incorporate at least one of these things every day.

 Look to others for motivation

When we’re not naturally feeling inspired or motivated it can be hard to hype ourselves up and recreate these emotions and that’s okay. We don’t always need to be capable of doing everything ourselves, we just need to know what we can do to get back to feeling great.

Try This: read a self help book, listen to a motivational speech on youtube or an inspiring podcast, think of someone in your friendship circle who inspires you and meet up with them. Surround yourself with positivity and inspiration.

Ditch the negativity and focus on what you are capable of

Often when we are in a ‘funk’, we find ourselves only looking at everything that is going wrong on that day or at that time... and that’s a dangerous spiral.

What may have started off with you waking up feeling tired has suddenly become: I missed the bus so I was late to work, I was late to work so I couldn’t pick up my usual morning coffee, my inbox is overflowing, I’ll never get all this done; I’m useless.

Let’s pull it back. Instead of putting your attention on everything that you view as negative happening that day instead focus on everything that is great in your life.  As Tony Robbins says “Where focus goes energy flows”. So by choosing to put your focus on everything encouraging and great in your life you are shifting your mind set in a way that will better serve you.

Try This: Write down 5-10 things that you are super proud of yourself for making happen in your life, things that you created for yourself. Once you have written them down, take a moment to read back through each one and truly feel the emotions that come with that accomplishment. Really breathe into the feeling of success, happiness and fulfilment that you felt when you made those things transpire for yourself. Look at this list, you made this happen, you are such a capable and powerful human being and you’re only going to continue to keep adding to your list of achievements.

And finally, whatever you’re going through today or however you are feeling, approach yourself with love. Everyone is entitled to an ‘off’ moment but by giving yourself the attention, love and care that you need (and deserve) you’ll be able to move into the rest of your day newly restored.

Emilia Francesca Life Coach


Emilia is an Internationally Certified Life & Wellness Coach. She helps modern women embrace what they truly want, break away from the rule book of society, own their shit and love themselves unconditionally.