End of the Year - Court McCulloch


By Court McCulloch

Court McCulloch

What is your favourite thing about the holiday season and what does this time of year mean for you?

My favourite thing about the holiday season is the moment when you're surrounded by friends and family, and you just have a moment of such content. I have THE most beautiful family, and while they aren't with us anymore, my grandparents made sure that Christmas was always special.

It has always been about spending time with family and loved ones, being outdoors, going on adventures giving to others... and eating waaaay too much (and not feeling guilty for that). Those moments, wherever you are, when you're laughing with your favourite people, and you can just stop and think I am SO happy and so grateful... that to me is what the holiday season is about.

How do you make sure to maintain your mindset, self-care and wellness over Christmas and New Years? 

I'll be the first to admit, I struggle to keep it up! I mean, I'm only human. In saying that, there are always 3-4 things that are non-negotiable. That way, if I don't find the time for all the others, I still know I'm taking time for me and maintaining my mindset and wellbeing! Those three things? Using my magnesium spray before bed, being conscious in my food choices and choosing to nourish my body, moving my body every day, and maintaining oiling and tanning my body to feel my best self.

At the end of the day, life needs to be about balance. And if you can't take some time to relax, you're doing too much. Don't let self-care and wellbeing practices become chores. Do the top priorities, and then cut yourself some slack! Be present and enjoy the time - don't beat yourself up for missing one self-care/wellbeing practice.

What actions/practices/questions are your go-to for reflecting on the year past? 

I love writing a letter to myself. Whether it's answering questions, or just writing from the heart. I think we can tend to forget just how much we've achieved in the year gone - especially when we look back from the future. It allows me to be proud of everything I've achieved, to be grateful for everything I've learned, and to be honest about where I want to do better next year.

How does reflecting on the year past help you to set yourself up for the best year ahead? 

Reflecting on the year past is non-negotiable for me because every year it's my aim to be healthier and happier, and to continue to achieve my dreams. Reflecting on the year past allows me to be proud of everything I've managed to do, grateful for everything and everyone that has been in my life that year, and conscious of all the things that I loved and also wanted to work on. It helps me to set goals for the year ahead, to dream of all the things I want to do, and recognise all the things I want to be bigger and better the next year.

What actions/practices/questions help you to best establish your goals and dreams for 2019?  

I love writing down all my dreams. Everything that I want to achieve in life... not just in the year ahead, but throughout my life. I genuinely don't think life should be taken seriously, or that we should feel like we should squash our big dreams because we'll never achieve them... that is so boring!!

Instead, I like to have a MASSIVE list of all the BIG dreams. From there, I can break it down into goals that'll help me move even closer to those dreams. Then even further, I can break these down into bite-sized chunks that can be ticked off throughout the year. I also love to answer journaling questions that make me think about what I want most from the year, who I want to spend time with, what things I want to do, and how I want to feel.

What does your dream 2019 look like? 

My dream 2019 (which soon will become real...) is a year where I am ABUNDANT IN HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS. A year spent with my closest friends and family making incredible memories and going on lots of adventures. A year where I heal my body and where I can say I am incredibly healthy and well. A year where Thrive Collective and Court McCulloch Coaching & Mentoring grow exponentially and help thousands of women to live lives that they are SO proud of. A year where I choose my actions based on what I want to do, and not on a bank account. A year where I become a fur-mum. A year where I am the happiest yet and nothing in life can hold me back.

What is the one thing you would want to pass on to Thrive women to help them have their dream 2019?

Please... never tell yourself that your dream is to big, or that you can't accomplish it. Life is meant to be one big adventure, and if there's a dream that you've wanted, but you feel like you couldn't do it, you're not worthy or that you're silly for even thinking it... it's time to believe. I hate seeing women shrink their dreams and their goals because they're too scared to admit them, or too scared to fail. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving that dream, is YOU. Believe in yourself. Give yourself a chance. Dream big... and then go and get them.

Court McCulloch


Founder of Thrive Collective, activewear-wearing, brunch-loving, dog-obsessed girl on a mission to help all women realise their real potential and start living a life where they thrive in every moment.