End of the Year - Hope Pugh


By Hope Pugh

Hope Pugh

What is your favourite thing about the holiday season and what does this time of year mean for you?  

The holiday Christmas season is my favourite time of year! In the U.K. I loved collecting with friends and family to go to Christmas markets, carols, eating and drinking yummy food (especially mulled wine), snuggling up by the fire with a Christmas movie and hot chocolate and just being cosy in a big coat and wooly hat when out to see the pretty lights and Christmas trees...

Now in New Zealand, it is summer and although it isn’t the same, it still holds the same importance and meaning for me. A time to spend quality time, connect and share with loved ones, reflect on and show appreciation for the year just gone and sharing love and appreciation with others!!

How do you make sure to maintain your mindset, self-care and wellness over Christmas and New Years? 

This is often hard due to it being busier and our schedules being out of whack. So often this can find us being hard on ourselves if we are not following our usual “keep well” schedule. I always just remind myself to be kind to myself with what Christmas is all about and just embrace and enjoy all the yummy food and festivities!

I still try and stick to having my hot water lemon in the morning so that with all the rich food I’m setting my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) stomach up to deal with it better. In terms of self-care, this is a big one as although it is nice being with family it can often be a time of year of stress from being around family, which may not always be easy. I like to just check in with myself at least in the morning and once in the day asking myself how I am and what I need in that moment. Also, communication is KEY!! If I need a little time alone, just communicate that need and giving the permission to yourself to have it!

What actions/practices/questions are your go-to for reflecting on the year past?

For this I sit down in my comfies at the run up to Christmas, often with a glass of red (this always helps… hehe!) and I write a letter to the universe about all the wonderful accomplishments and things that had happened in the year - giving thanks and gratitude.

How does reflecting on the year past help you to set yourself up for the best year ahead? 

Often as we get so busy in today’s society, we become hard on ourselves in reflecting on what we may have not achieved or where we have not got to yet. This leaves us in a energy space of feeling low and beaten. By reflecting on everything that was accomplished and experienced, it is a reminder of all the amazing things that have been achieved and puts you in a head space of positive thinking and power, remembering just how capable you are and that you can be just (as if not more) for the year ahead.

What actions/practices/questions help you to best establish your goals and dreams for 2019?  

Following on from my past year reflections, I write a letter to the universe about all the wonderful accomplishments and experiences of the year to come as if they had already happened - linking with the Law of Attraction.

I then also write a list of goals and desires and create a vision board with pictures, words, and anything else that represent these so I have a daily reminder through the year to keep positive and focused.

What does your dream 2019 look like? 

Having my house build and fully completed with my boyfriend. Being accepted as a resident in New Zealand so I can finally have my private practice back. A little hut on my land with some therapy animals. I would love to continue to travel here in New Zealand and back to visit family and friends in the U.K., and continue building my life, especially true and meaningful friendships here. Also to be kinder and caring with myself as number one... remembering my core morals, values and beliefs in the way I work and live my life and putting this into place in every section. Filling my cup first.... as you can not pour from an empty cup!

What is the one thing you would want to pass on to Thrive women to help them have their dream 2019? 

You are the expert of you!!! All you need to do is give yourself time, listen to yourself, care for yourself and build that love for yourself... from this everything comes! It will grow your powers and belief in yourself which is the core to stepping out and beginning to build and enjoy the life you desire.

Hope Pugh


As a psychotherapist, Hope's passion is supporting people to not only discover their full potential, but also true happiness in themselves and in their lives.