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The Five Steps to Thriving in Winter

When Courtenay asked me to write an article about this topic I found it quite timely... As this is my first “real” Winter that I have experienced in 8 years!! I made the move from sunny Perth to Christchurch just 9 weeks ago now. The first week that I arrived it was the coldest week on record in April and it rained soooo much…

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How to be a Well Woman

Busy, stressed and longing for that holiday to Bora Bora? Well you’re in luck. To get the absolute most out of your life, including that well deserved tropical getaway, you need to make yourself and your health a priority. That does not mean exercising two hours a day, meditating for the rest and snacking on kale in between, but rather creating healthy, sustainable habits…

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What Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Knew... (Part Two)

Hello gorgeous! I am so excited to let you in on What Your Personal Trainer Wishes You Knew: Part Two. And yes, unintentionally rhyming… but how good does it sound?? 

Has anyone felt the fear and done it anyway? Have you finally gone into the gym? Decided to feel the fear and go to the class you’ve been putting off? Joined that workout group you’ve been too nervous to go to by yourself? 

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