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His Brain Versus Her Brain

Since moving to a new country and leaving my safety and security in England for adventure here in New Zealand with my Kiwi, it's been one hell of a rollercoaster ride. I've had my ups, my downs and plenty of the loop-de-loops in between. I've had moments where my partner has not always understood how I felt or has not known how best to be there for me... It's the feeling that sometimes he just doesn't get it.  

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What Love Has Taught Me...

I absolutely love my boyfriend. He’s the most genuine, kind, incredible, determined person I know. He says he’s funny too. I disagree most of the time. Even though we love each other, we’ve had ups and downs over the last almost six years of our relationship. Times where it’s almost been over, times where we’ve both just been insanely happy, and times where it’s just been everyday life. And trust me, I’ve learnt and grown a lot over those years. 

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The Secret to Real Love...

So… anyone else love Disney as much as me…??

I am your number one Disney, magic, happily-ever-after, dreams-do-come-true fan (you just need to see my multiple soft toys and other Disney merchandise to know the obsession is real).

My favourite film is Tangled – where the girl gets rescued by a ruggedly handsome man who frees her from her evil stepmother and then sweeps her off her feet on an adventure to find the magical lights where they fall head over heels in love (*que fireworks*)… magical, right?


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How To Let Love In

There are many situations that can cause us to create walls around our heart. We may have experienced hurt from disappointing dating encounters, we might have unhealthy past relationships, unfaithful partners, suffered various forms of abuse, or we may even have unresolved trauma and issues from childhood.

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