7 Things to Ask Your Anxious Mind


By Jessica Demunck

Journal Questions for Anxiety

You know the feeling.

Your mind is racing, you can’t think straight and it feels like there are hundreds of tabs open in your brain at the same time.

Buddhists refer to this as your ‘monkey mind’, whilst others simply liken it to a feeling of unsettledness or anxiety. Whatever it is, it’s important to have some tools in your spiritual toolkit to support you when you feel this way.

Personally, writing and journaling is my go-to tool for self-discovery and to calm my anxious mind. Putting pen to paper allows me to let go of my thoughts and gain some much-needed clarity. Sometimes it can be tricky to know where to begin when we have that blank page staring at us and so I’ve created a list of 7 questions that you can use as prompts when you feel this way.

Remember that it’s important to give yourself the space and time to go inward and honour your feelings. Aim to find a time when you won’t be interrupted and create a calm space that supports you to feel safe and open. I like to make a warm cup of herbal tea, light some incense and turn on a dim lamp. Once you’re set up, take some deep breaths and begin writing.

1.     The stories that are coming up for me right now are…

2.     The evidence I have for feeling this way is…

3.     The way I’m feeling in my body is…  

 4.      I know that I’m okay in this moment because…

 5.     If a friend were in this situation I would tell them…

 6.     Last time I felt this way I…

 7.     In this moment, I’m grateful for…

Now, how do you feel?

These prompts can be used any time you feel worried, nervous or even angry! You might even like to print them out and make space underneath each question for your answers.

Another way that you could implement them is by using them as verbal prompts and answering the questions out loud. You may like to record yourself speaking on your phone, or simply let your answers go so that you can create more free space in your mind.

And lastly, don’t forget to take a pic of your writing set up and tag me (I’m over at @jess_demunck) so I can see how you’re going. You’ve got this!

Jess Demunck


 Jessica Demunck is a Life Coach, Teacher and Storyteller on a mission to support educators to live a more mindful, balanced and calm life. 

Jessica is extremely passionate about the wellbeing of teachers and leaders. She believes that thriving educators create thriving communities and she is on a mission to empower teachers of all kinds to live their best lives.