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It’s purpose?

To help women - like you! - to be informed and empowered with information and knowledge and to have access on a more personal level to incredible professionals… all to help you thrive in every moment of your life.




When you think about your life…

+ Are you truly, honestly in love with your life?
+ Do you wake up in the morning full of energy and drive for the day?
+ Is your every day life one that inspires and motivates you?
+ Are you surrounded by people that light you up and who support, love and encourage you?

If you answered no - or even sort of - to any of those questions…

Then I want you to know that you’re in the best place you can be.

Everything you find here has been created (with love!) to help you fall in love with your life, to wake up (and continue through your day) full of energy and motivation and drive, to be inspired by the life you’ve created for yourself and to encourage you to surround yourself with people that genuinely want to see you supported, loved and encouraged.

So get ready… it’s time to start living the most incredible life you could dream of.



I couldn’t say I was in love with my life.

For a loooong time.

Sure, there were parts I loved - my family, my boyfriend, the opportunities I had - but I wasn’t truly living the life I dreamed of.

Hey there honey, it makes me SO happy to see you here! My name is Courtenay - but everyone calls me Court - McCulloch, and I am the founder of Thrive Collective.

For years I felt lonely and lost. Doubting myself and my worth. Failing to love or believe in myself.

I was stuck in a rut that I just couldn’t find my way out of. I craved friendships that lit me up, practices that made me feel glowing and activities that filled me with happiness.

Finally, after years of research, education and trial-and-errors in my own life, I found myself out of that rut and running towards energy, happiness and a serious zest for life.

Want to know more about me…? Click HERE to know my story…



As I looked around me, I noticed almost all the women in my life experienced unhappiness and unworthiness in their own lives.

The worst part? They thought it was normal to feel this way, and that this is what life was.

And so, I started Thrive Collective. And I had one dream:

That all women start living a life where they thrive in every moment.

Thrive Collective is a collective of women dedicated to helping you move past self-doubt, fear and comparisonitis so you can chase the life you want. One where you feel happy, loved, accepted, peaceful, confident, courageous, healthy, strong... anything you’ve been dreaming of.



Meet the thrive network…

All of these incredible professionals have been lovingly hand-picked to bring you the best information and the best services to help you move into the life that lights you up - the one you deserve.


The ultimate self-care inspiration guide

Don’t even get Thrive founder, Court, started on the importance of self care…

Because society is now a ‘go-go-go’ kinda place, we spend so much time trying to get as much done as we can. The result? Chronic stress, fatigue and prolonged time spent minimising our body’s ability to restore and re-energise. But committing to time where we consciously relax helps our bodies to:

+ Boost its immune system
+ Digest thoroughly and properly
+ Reduce stress and anxiety
+ Increase energy levels
+ Promote focus and productivity beyond self-care
+ Aid overall health and wellbeing

And because we are all unique, there is no one self-care practice that resonates and works for us all.

Which is why we asked 21 incredible and inspirational women what their go-to self-care practices are… (You’re welcome!)



Need life inspiration…?

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If you've felt any of the following,
you're in the right place:


You have moments where you wonder what the heck you are doing with your life.

You feel pressure of other people’s judgements or opinions of what they think is best.

You judge yourself for not being where you ‘should’ be.

Self doubt

You have moments of clarity and confidence about changing your life (or parts of your life) but this is often followed by doubtful thoughts about yourself, your desires, abilities, relationships, finances…

You feel like you know what you want, but you haven’t found the confidence to share it with the world.

You often feel like you’re not capable or worthy of achieving what you want.


You struggle to see your own worth when you look at someone else’s… you just aren’t as beautiful, smart, talented, insert every other comparison here.

You convince yourself that you are overweight, weak, unhealthy, ugly and beyond all... not worthy or good enough.

You look at others around you and feel like an imposter… they can be successful, popular, happy… but what gives you the right?


You judge yourself for not being good/beautiful/talented/smart/fit enough and for not having achieved more.

You feel like others are judging you for the choices you make, the person you are and the dreams that you have.

You feel FOMO (fear of missing out) and the overwhelming feeling that if you actively chase your dreams and change your life… your surroundings and relationships might change too.

Helpless & frustrated

You feel stuck and in a rut… there’s a woman you dream of being, but you don’t know how to get there.

You feel like everything you do helps you take one step forward… but then somehow you end up being three steps backward.

You are not sure how to move through current or past hurts, which leaves you feeling trapped, weak, upset and that you are going around in circles



Take a deep breath, and trust me….

Today could be the LAST day you feel this way, Ever.

Stick around. Explore. Join the Community... We've been waiting for you.